Tony Cohen, graduated from law school in June of 2010. Tony Cohen is also the CEO of an independant film studio "Bridgegate Films Inc" which he created in 2007 and has extensive knowledge of all aspects of film finance. Cohen has successfully managed intricate budgets for all production departments and is highly skilled in the daily executive supervision of crews, budgets, scheduling and individual department reviews. Mr. Cohen has secured all necessary insurance, reinsurance and casualty policies as well as completion bonds.


In 2009, Tony Cohen made his first film, written by Jonathan D. Krane Directed by Trent Cooper, “Father of Invention” a hilarious comedy, staring Kevin Spacey, Heather Graham and Camilla Belle, Virginia Madsen, Craig Robinson and Johnny Knoxville plus many more stars. This project was co-produced with Trigger Street Pictures a Kevin Spacey production company and Sunrise Pictures.


In 2009, Tony Cohen/ Bridgegate Films co-produced “Jews of Pannonia” with sister company Jewishgate Films, Based on true historical facts, and untold stories and hidden synagogues in Hungry. This Timepiece documentary is one of many documentaries Bridgegate Films has produced.


In production for 2011, Bridgegate Films and Jewishgate Films will introduce to the market, “Jews of Odessa” A documentary based on true events that took place in Odessa and the first street of Israel.


In 2008, Anthony Cohen produced “One Love Entourage” the true story behind the hit HBO show “entourage” which depicts the true story of how the hit show became so successful and the deep look into the lives of the original members headed by Mark Wahlberg, from raw footage dating back to 1991.


Cohen’s first order of business is to create many divisions within his envisioned company, Film Division, Reality division, in-house marketing and advertising division, commercial production division, risk management, Public Relations, foreign and domestic distribution, Project Development Department, Financing, worldwide talent search division.



NEIL STEARNS (President)

T.V Veteran, Neil Stearns, has partnered with Producer, Tony Cohen to form Stearns, Cohen Media Group LLC. The new Production & Talent Management. SCMG has received funding in the seven-figure range to develop and produce Reality Television, scripted content for television & low budget features.

Stearns spent 9 years at Dick Clark Productions as EVP development for TV movies, pilots & series.

He later joined Don Buchwald & Associates where he was responsible for developing television properties for Howard Stern’s Production Banner. 

In 2005, Stearns launched talent agency Venture IAB Inc. where he sold such shows as “Pawn Stars”, “Dog Whisperer”

“My Fair Brady” , “Hotel Impossible” and many others.

Neil Sterns (President) , Tony Cohen (CEO)


SCMG day to day operation will be handled by Mr. Neil Stearns and Mr. Tony Cohen, to oversee their talent management as well as the development division of SCMG, and to monitor the operation of their existing shows with the networks, supported by 8 top executive assistants and Jr. assistants


You can set up a meeting with Mr. Stearns or Mr. Cohen at any time regarding your idea or concept, but we urge you to copy right, register your material prior to such meeting. No meeting will be held unless you do so. We do not sign an NDA, due to possibly having such a project similar to yours under way by SCMG or in development. 


STEARNS, COHEN TALENT MANAGEMENT, will be seeking out all top talents ready to be manged by top professionals in the entertainment industry. We will be meeting with all reccomended talents for potential opprotunities to welcome them to our new family. 


Sr. Council Mr. Kenneth Roberts will be handeling SCMG's day to day legal needs.

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